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Jack Ma On Teamwork. Jack Views Teamwork As A Sense Of

Jack ma on teamwork Jack views teamwork as a sense of unity for common interests and responsibilities developed by individuals in an organization. Sometimes people ask why teamwork is so important whereas they can complete tasks well while working alone. Well, teamwork concentrates on the element of synergy where the sum is definitely greater compared to the parts. He further likens teamwork to sports where teams made up of expensive players are regularly outperformed by individually less talented teams. The results can be attributed to the synergistic value of teamwork combined with the role of team manager rather than the price tag of the individuals. Jack Ma always encourages his team to work collaboratively in implementing projects†¦show more content†¦For instance, he demonstrates this in in common situations in his business organization where they often put themselves in a complex situation where they have to decide between competing interests as regarding the buyer and the seller, the seller competes, between entrepreneurship and legal aspects, between innovation and the need to stabilize. Mistakes done by Jack Ma in his Entrepreneurial Journey For over a decade now, Jack Ma and Alibaba are two names that have occupied Chinese online platforms and this does not seem to stop any time soon. They have received several praises from Chinese merchant especially on Taobao – a Chinese online shopping website. Unknown to many, Jack’s achievements didn’t come overnight. They were as a result of making several mistakes which made him better and better in readiness for the future. To begin with, the worst mistake he ever did was relocating the domestic headquarters from Hangzhou to Shanghai. As though this was not enough, he also moved his global base to Silicon Valley. Contrary to his expectations, it turned out that the environment was not right for the firm. The emergence of dot com era hit his United States headquarters while his Shanghai office came face to face with the reality of small manufacturing enterprises that were going global. The strategy caused friction with his most coveted priority, the customers. After getting adequate financial support from joint ventureShow MoreRelatedAlibaba Case3792 Words   |  16 A Smiling Community with a Dream Since its humble beginnings in 1999, when it was launched by Jack Ma and 17 other co-founders, has become the world’s largest online business-to-business global trading marketplace, with 2.5 million and 14 million registered users in its international and Chinese domestic marketplaces respectively (refer to Appendix 1 for key development milestones). In 2004, the Alibaba websites boasted an estimated combined transaction volume of more thanRead MoreIs Jack Ma A Courageous And Inspirational Man That1809 Words   |  8 PagesJack Ma is a courageous and inspirational man that is often considered to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the non-western world. The founder and former Chief Executive Officer of the extremely successful and innovative, Chinese e-Commerce company, Alibaba, is worth 21.2 billion dollars (The Richest, 2015). The Financial Times named him â€Å"Person of the Year† in 2013, as he is idolised by the masses for his business and environm ental dedication (Anderlini, 2013) There are a number of reasonsRead MoreCase - Alibaba Group7315 Words   |  30 PagesAlibaba Group At Alibaba, strategy and organization go hand-in-hand. Every year we change the organizational structure in tandem with changes in strategy. Jack Ma, Chief Executive Officer of Alibaba Group, stared through the fog at the cable stays of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge whistling past on his drive to the offices of Taobao (hunting for treasures), Alibabas online marketplace for Chinese retailers and consumers. The longest transoceanic bridge in the world had a long gestation period:Read MoreHrm About Alibaba Essay2390 Words   |  10 PagesAlibaba Group is the worlds outstanding business-to-business e-commerce service company, which provides an efficient online trading platform for buyers and suppliers all over the world. It is Chinas largest e-commerce group which was founded by Jack Ma in 1999, and has developed into seven affiliated groups, namely Alibaba International Business Operations, Alibaba Small Business Operations, Taobao Marketplace,, Juhuasuan, e-Tao and Alibaba Cloud Computing (News, 2012). Besides, AlibabaRead MoreService Effectiveness Through Employee-Customer Linkages7409 Words   |  30 Pages........ ............................................................................................................................................ Driving service effectiveness through employee-customer linkages S. Douglas Pugh, Joerg Dietz, Jack W. Wiley, and Scott M. Brooks Executive Overview ........................................................................................................................................................................ The management team at a nationalRead MoreMonetary Rewards Essay3987 Words   |  16 Pagestransparent and it is a simple measure of performance unlike some complex performance measures that companies use. Employees also like being paid commission because it gives them the feeling of being able to determine their pay. This gives a unique sense of control to ordinary employees which is usually only felt by individuals higher up in an organization. Nevertheless, there is also a downside to using commission as an incentive. It commissions are left uncapped it could encourage behavior thatRead MoreSeven Practices of Successful Organizations14082 Words   |  57 Pagesstatus differences, have multiple components that were previously listed separately. Second, some of the items on the previous list have more to do with the ability to implement high-performance work practices—such as being able to take a long-term view and to realize the benefits of promoting from within  than with describing dimensions of the practices themselves. It is, however, still the case that several of the dimensions of high-performance work arrangements listed, for instance employment securityRead MoreNight Club Operation Management Journal5510 Words   |  23 Pagesuniformity of opinion among marketing experts as to the classification of the elements in service encounters. Reuland et al. (1985:142) suggest that hospitality services consist of a harmonious mixture of three elements: the material product in a narrow sense which in the case of a Nightclub is the food and beverages; the behaviour and attitude of the employees who are responsible for hosting the guest, serving the meal and beverages and who come in direct contact with the guests, and the environment, suchRead MoreOrganization Restructuring26680 Words   |  107 Pagesworkers of their right to pride of workmanship: According to Deming, organizations often fail to recognize employee contributions to the bott om line. If TQM is to be successful employees must have a sense of accomplishment and pride in the product they are producing. In order to foster this sense of pride the organization must empower the employees. Empowerment means that each individual employee has the knowledge and training to inspect his or her own contributions and make necessary improvementsRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesSKILLS 232 233 Building Relationships by Communicating Supportively Gaining Power and Influence 279 Motivating Others 323 Managing Conflict 373 PART III GROUP SKILLS 438 8 Empowering and Delegating 439 9 Building Effective Teams and Teamwork 489 10 Leading Positive Change 533 PART IV SPECIFIC COMMUNICATION SKILLS 590 591 Supplement A Making Oral and Written Presentations Supplement B Conducting Interviews 619 Supplement C Conducting Meetings 651 Appendix I Glossary 673 Appendix

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