Thursday, February 27, 2020

Article review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 17

Article review - Essay Example The second recommendation that the article makes contends that math programs for children must shift from focusing on numeracy and begin to explore concepts and ideas, which will develop a more powerful foundation in math (Burghes, 2012). Thirdly, the article recommends that math teachers need to focus more on designing better lesson plans. By studying the Japanese structure of lesson study, in which the math teachers undergo professional development by using their ‘research lessons’ to share their practice (Burghes, 2012). The article contends that this type of professional development successfully changes approaches to teaching since it gets all teachers engaged and on board. In the lesson study, the article proposes that teachers should first come up with an overarching lesson study aim. In addition, they should agree on the objectives for each lesson among themselves, plan a research lesson that satisfies two or more of the objectives, carry out an in-depth review after teaching the lessons, and note action plans that will be disseminated to be used for the next lesson cycle. Finally, the author claims that learning mathematical concepts will only be improved with leadership. The math coordinator mus t be a leader in the initiative to improve teaching and learning of math concepts. The coordinator will take responsibility for supporting and encouraging the rest, discussion and monitoring their progress, and intervening in the presence of uncertainties and problems (Burghes, 2012). The article studies an innovative math program for children that have achieved impressive results in Hungary, which is called the Mathematics Enhancement Program (Burghes, 2012). Most of the lessons learnt from the article are relevant in the US math curriculum. It is non-confrontational and friendly, encouraging teachers to engage pupils in discussion to find solutions to problems in math. The innovative structure enables the lesson plans to support class

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